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First Post

My name is J.D. and I am a junior Business major with an English minor (possibly double major). I am interested in this course because of the historic context and significance slavery has played in shaping our nation/state/present life. I realize that slavery had many forms, from the slavery that existed on a semi-personal level in houses to the crueler slavery we read about in plantations. As a business major, I understand how slaves would help improve efficiency and ultimately profits for owners (especially those in plantations). However, I am also aware of another vital aspect of business, business ethics. This is the aspect that leaves me and others appalled. In this class, I hope to understand more about the slave owners and how they could live with themselves while they tortured and exploited good people.

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  1. markcotham
    January 13, 2011 at 5:39 am

    I like that you approached the subject from a business perspective by pulling in the profit side of things. We often wonder why people do things such as promote slavery, and I think it’s important to see what incentives exist behind such atrocities so that we can destroy them if or when they pop up again.

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