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I’m totally new to blogging so I hope I’m doing this right! I’m Lori, a junior Communications and English double major. I’ve taken quite a few classes regarding race and ethnicity both in Communications and English and in all of those courses we’ve discussed slavery but never really gone in depth. I’m hoping that through this course I’ll be able to expand on all of the details that were brought up in previous courses. I also have a very personal ties to the legacy of slavery through my family. On my father’s side of the family, they have records of owning slaves in Louisiana. To this day you can go to the property and see the slave graves that are right across the street from the white Hennigan cemetery. It’s such an eerie feeling knowing that my family has these direct ties to slavery. I’m really excited about learning more about slavery here in Texas since I’ve grown up here my entire life and knowing that Georgetown has such a clouded past regarding racial tensions will make this class even more interesting.

Lori Hennigan

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