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Cemetery Inventory

As part of group two, I visited the Citizens Memorial Garden in Georgetown.

2.) Standing at the edge of the cemetery, I noticed that the graves seemed relatively haphazard in their placement. There didn’t seem to be any kind of grid or plan for where they went, or how they were organized. I noticed a multitude of (seemingly) new flowers placed on many graves across the cemetery, all brightly colored and in place. The graves looked pretty far spread from each other, and many of the gravestones looked relatively new and unspoiled.

3.) I singled out several objects within the cemetery, including one small headstone fairly isolated from other graves. It was dated 2004, and there were newly placed flowers on the ground in front of it. I was interested in how small and humble it was, and how in a strange way, it stood out more than other graves because of that. I also found quite a few large chunks of rock strewn here and there, seemingly placed intentionally as singular entities, but randomly spaced. Near one rock (all of which were placed upright), the earth was very tender, and I wondered whether lower class citizens had been placed in unmarked graves there, or black citizens, or enslaved people. And the fact that they were placed in and amongst other more expensive graves was even more confusing.

4.) I found one grave that was from 1822 with certainty, but there was another grave that only showed the number 1808 — everything else was eroded away.

5.) There were several graves in the cemetery that were from 2009.

6.) The only official signage I could find was one sign on one of its entrances, that merely said “Citizens Memorial Garden: est. 1906”. Obviously people were buried there before it was officially sanctioned, but there was no description or indication of its past. It made me really wonder who was buried there, and what history was being omitted.

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