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Citizen’s Memorial Cemetery Visit

I visited Citizen’s Memorial cemetery on Monday and it was a really moving experience for me. First of all the location of the cemetery was really bizzare to me because it was located right off of Highway 29 right across from Wolf Ranch. I had never seen it before but to think that it was so close to a place I go all the time was kind of chilling. When I first got to the cemetery, I noticed that there were quite a few recent burials marked by the colorful flowers on the headstone. These newer headstones were spread evenly among older headstones, but I got the impression that the cemetery was still used. There were quite a few headstones that were broken and a lot of them didn’t have names on them anymore. I approached a grave that was surrounded by a rusty fence and I was surprised to see that it actually wasn’t that old. I later walked to the back of the cemetery and that’s where I found the most interesting graves. There were quite a few graves that had headstones made of rock with hand-carved names. The most touching ones I saw were two headstones made of rock that had “Momma” and “Daddy” carved into the rock. That was so chilling to me to see someone refer to them as what they called them because normally we just see a name on a headstone and don’t necessarily think of what relation they were to some people. Another disturbing grave I saw had two cinder blocks piled on top of one another with only a name inscribed in it. My final eerie discovery was that there were piles of rocks in random places around the cemetery as well as bricks that looked like they outlined a grave, but none of these had clear headstone markings. It made me wonder if these were actually unmarked graves or just coincidences. The oldest grave I could find was a burial in 1906, which makes sense because the cemetery was founded in 1906 as well. The most recent  burial I saw was in 2009, which shows that the cemetery is still in use. There is a sign at the entrance to the cemetery that has the name of it, but if you don’t actully look for it then you’ll never know its there. I think overall this experience was even more disturbing than the visit to Old Georgetown cemetery just because there seemed to be so many more mysteries within.

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