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Love Cemetery, Perspective, and the Magic of Youtube

Reading Love Cemetery has always led to an uncomfortable feeling, trying to put it into words has proved to be quite difficult. I think the issue of perspective had something to due with the uneasiness felt during the reading. Cultural relatively is difficult to begin with, but Love provides several different viewpoints as she explains the history of Texas and its inhabitants. Perspective is vital in attempting to feel the loss felt by the Caddo Nation, Mexico, and the African American community. Attempting to understand and empathize with the people of that community not only proved to be humbling, but a lesson in the ethnocentricity of American history. This newfound emphasis on perspective encouraged me to understand the viewpoint of the author in my moments of confusion and dissatisfaction. As a result I found videos of the events the book described and a reading by the author. This allowed for a better understanding of Galland’s perspective and what influenced her creative style in describing the events that took place.

Here are the links I watched:

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  1. diamondc
    January 26, 2011 at 4:20 am

    I definitely agree that perspective is a giant part of this book — both in the writing of the novel, and in the reading of it. We are called, as Galland was, to walk the extremely tenuous line between attempting to empathize or sympathize with the disenfranchised peoples with whom we are presented, and acknowledging that assuming an understanding of their struggles is incredibly arrogant and wholly unhelpful. It’s almost impossible. It seems like the best answer is just to proceed humbly, seeking to be educated and informed, and paying closest attention to the accounts of injustices that are directly from its survivors.

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