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(Late) Cemetery Visit To Citizen’s Memorial

Citizen’s Memorial Cemetery has a very interesting location which is so close to bustling town life off of the highway.  The cemetery itself does not seem overgrown or forgotten.  In fact there were what seemed like recently placed flowers and other offers of memorialization (which I realize is not a word but I feel it clearly helps me convey what I saw).  It did not look like a shabby place, but it was not too terribly organized either. After walking around and observing for a while, it just seemed like a mush pot of different grave markers and dates with no apparent strategy of placement.  Some were evenly spread in small areas and others were in clusters with spaces of earth in between. In the cemetery, I observed a various collection of markers with a range of dates that go back to the early 1800s all the way up to recent years.  The markers include small to large headstones, some of which were old and tarnished with (I’m guessing) time and/or weathering while others were in pristine condition, fallen grave columns, small, metal markers that stick in the ground like toothpicks, as well as mounds of what seemed to be intentionally placed, while at the same time, scattered about, rocks indicating graves.  Everyone will have to forgive me because I forgot to bring a pen with me and I have the memory of a fish, but the earliest date that I found was somewhere in between 1805 and 1810 and the most recent was only last year, I believe.  I find it interesting, as did other visitors from class did, I’m sure, that Citizen’s Memorial Cemetery has a sign that reads “Established in 1906.”  This is interesting because the year that the cemetery was established is around 100 years after some of the earliest marked headstones present.  I am left wondering about the significance behind Citizen’s Memorial Cemetery’s name.  Who are the citizens and where were they citizens of?  Also, did the cemetery have another name before it was Citizen’s Memorial Cemetery which could explain the date discrepancy previously mentioned?  I would like to look into its history some more and do some research that can help clarify the confusion between the dates of the markers and the established date provided on the cemetery’s sign.


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