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Love Cemetery

Today in class when we were discussing Galland’s relationship to the people in the group fighting for Love Cemetery I began to notice that there seemed to be a disconnect between what was shown in the clips and what I feel was conveyed in the book. In the book Galland seems to question a lot what her role really is, and I think that as much as there is a battle going on over the cemetery itself, she’s torn as to what her importance to the entire story is supposed to be. But, in the movie clips she seemed so comfortable asserting her position as one of the towns people, she referred to them as her friends, and acted as if it was a cause she had been fighting for her whole life. I think that the book gives us a very interesting, even though sometimes subtle, insight into someone trying to help reconcile the injustices that are still occurring due to the United States flawed history, but struggling herself to really figure out what that means to her and where she fits in to the picture. In the clips we got to see the facade that Galland put up to the government, and those who may be in opposition to Love Cemetery, and it is very strong and confident and determined. But in the book we get to see some of her own doubt  and her own questions, just as much as we get to see the struggles that R.D. and Dorris are having to go through in the situation.

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  1. meganvestal
    January 26, 2011 at 5:25 am

    I think you made a really good point about the contrast between the China Galland we saw in the film today, and the woman whose voice we’ve been hearing from the novel. Seeing her outward facade in comparison to her struggling inner voice we are used to makes me like her more as a narrator. She’s having to gather a lot of courage to face down these giants, and she’s almost (as she speaks for Doris in the film) trying to carry the community on her shoulders. Even though we know she is doubting herself the whole way. I still think she can be a little condescending, but I respect her more when I could see how much she cared about that community.

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