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Too Old, Too Nice, and Too Busy

Today in class, the majority of students who spoke up believed that China, Dorris, and the rest of the Love Cemetery Committee were expecting too much from Chet Robbins (Director of the Texas Funeral Services Commission). I however, believe that this committee/ community had every right for their lofty expectations.

First off, most of the African Americans who who wished to see their ancestors were already well into their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Therefore, I think it’s only fair that Galland and company be as persistent as they possibly can, that way the majority (if not all) of the Love Cemetery Committee will actually live long enough to locate and pay their respects to their deceased family members. 

Secondly, Chet Robbins immediately comes off as someone who is extremely busy. He has about 50 sheets worth of claims for minority/ slave cemeteries and it really looks to me like he doesn’t even know where to start in order to correct these issues. He looks lost. Robbins comes off as a “southern gentlemen” who is willing to negotiate and ultimately resolve the matter. However, the Love Cemetery Committee and China have been trying to resolve this matter for a long time now. Chet Robbins has all the power and authority to “get the ball rolling” and ultimately put an end to this issue, but he seems too much of a pushover to do his job effectively.

Also, what incentive (if any) do the land owners have to comply? By ignoring phone calls and denying access, they are drawing out the whole practice purposely. It is inconvenient to build another fence (in order to keep the prized white tails from escaping) and there are certain liability issues (fires, deer, etc.). It requires, time, money, and some paperwork. Why not put it off as long as possible? Personally, if I were the owner of the cemetery and thought my business/profits to be more important than an old African-American cemetery, I would be doing the same thing because my money/business directly affects me. Love Cemetery and it’s descendants do not. 

For these reasons I believe that Galland and the rest of the Love Cemetery Committee had every right to hope and wish things would be resolved in that issue or at least move them in the right direction. Also, for these reasons I believe that Galland was doing the right thing when she demanded a timetable/an amount of money they needed. These people have been waiting long enough.

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  1. January 26, 2011 at 3:28 am

    Thank you for this. I agree. Who’s to say that we, in this situation, wouldn’t go in with high expectations? I wish that, right now, we could go fix up Old Georgetown Cemetery. But I know that’s there are so many things standing in our way.
    I feel bad for the commissioner. I can’t imagine knowing about all these cemeteries that are being destroyed, and being unable to stop it. But we have the process we have for a reason. The land owners have their wants and needs, and they have their rights. So do those who want to fix up Love. But we can’t infringe on either group’s rights. Which is why it’s such a long process.
    I hope those who love Love never give up hope, though.

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