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Good evening. I am going to use this post primarily to discuss the relationship between history and narrative as well as to go into a little more detail about the passage from Love Cemetery I chose. In Growth and Expansion, which I should have read before I wrote my paper but decided to do in reverse, seems to treat history and narrative as one in the same, which I definitely do as well. In my theatre history class, we have been asking ourselves what exactly the definition of history is and then challenging our definitions. We have also discussed all of the different ways of creating and studying fallible history. Documents or witnesses can be intentionally wrong or hidden. Documents may have unintentional errors that then are reprinted and distributed but never corrected. Telling of stories is sometimes fictional but not labeled at such, and the list goes on…

I brought up in class today a shocking fact I found in the article that stated that in thirteen counties, over 50 % of people were black. It’s hard for me not to judge that with the attitude of a college student in 2011. My immediate reaction was to ask why, if there were more blacks than there were whites, did blacks not fight back? And in class, I was still thinking the same thing, but now I have a new theory. I imagine, as a black person in that time, you would have had no idea that you were in fact part of a majority because the other blacks around were not in public places. This all just goes to show how skewed perceptions generally are.

At the risk of going off on a complete tangent, I would like to bring up something Dr. Helene Meyers said in the Activist’s Speak function in the ballrooms earlier. In regards to the discrimination of gays, she brought up an interesting point. Americans have a very easy time loving themselves and that is a common goal. If a man can love himself, he should be able to love other men. If he cannot love other men, he cannot love himself. I think this applies to gay men, white men, black men, straight men, etc. Hokey as it may sound, I think one strong way to attack this seemingly endless cycle of hatred is with love. How to do that? I don’t really know yet. Just a jumping block : )


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