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Blog 5 – Olmsted

This reading was a little more difficult for me to derive any sort of meaningful thoughts than the previous readings.  Class today helped bring things to the surface for me A LOT.  I really enjoyed the discussion about the institution of slavery elevating the lives of the white people as well as the connection between geographical placement and ways of the people inhabiting that space (ie from North to South people become less hardworking, comfortable in living situations, intelligent, clean etc) according to Olmsted.  I also liked what Dr. Stockton said about there being a network of collusion between the Mexicans and slaves due to things like having a common enemy.  I glanced over the text again and wondered if the Dutch, German and Northern peoples also have such a network considering how Olmsted describes them as being the ultimate example of hardworking, comfortable, intelligent, clean examples of Americans.

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  1. February 9, 2011 at 7:50 am

    I’ve also been thinking more about the African American & Mexican relationship given their “common enemy” and, despite the Growth & Expansion reading, I still find myself confused as to why the Native & African Americans didn’t also form some type of bond — I would guess language barrier except that such a barrier likely existed between them and the Mexican peoples as well. What do you think? Perhaps the Comanche at that time simply viewed everyone as intruders — which is actually accurate & justified, I think

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