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Racism in the North and South

After reading Journey Through Texas, and discussing it in class today, I found it interesting how blatant the author’s bias towards Irish immigrants was. While most people are used to associating the South with racism, mostly due to the legacy of slavery, I think we forget all too often that racism occurred in all parts of the United States throughout our history. I also think it’s ironic that an author who spoke so passionately about how slavery and the racism of the South prevented them from truly experiencing freedom, was unable to see his own racism. At the same time it also brings into question what is considered racism…if everyone in a society views a certain group of people in one way, does that make it acceptable? It seems like he felt that he could justify his bias towards the Irish immigrants because everyone around him up North expressed the same views. However, when he visited the South he felt that he had some duty to share with everyone the immorality of slavery. I think that this piece showed just how easy it is to overlook our own bias, even when it’s obvious to everyone else.

That also makes me wonder how much bias in history is forgotten or ignored because the focus was turned to the bias of the other side. It’s the same question that has been brought up in class, if history is written by the winners than there is always one perspective being left out. I think it’s an interesting concept to keep in the back of our minds as we continue through this class….

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  1. katelongoria
    February 8, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    The questions you pose here are really interesting. It really does feel hypocritical to read the writing of an abolitionist who can condemn the institution of slavery in one paragraph, then spew out racist comments about another group of people in the next. It’s so easy to try to romanticize the people we see as the heros of history, but I guess we have to keep in mind that they were just human like everyone else.

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