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A Lack of Guilt

Chapter 10 of An Empire of Slavery suggested that there was no overwhelming feeling of guilt to be found in Texas regarding slavery, but that Texans seemed to be “sensitive” about it when criticized by abolitionists. I think that this is because one of the things that normally allow evils in society to persist is diversion. A diversion, thinking about anything but the question of whether or not to continue with something, can be the most powerful weapon an evil cultural trend has. Of course, that isn’t to say that people have to stop thinking about the evil itself, as obviously slavery could not be ignored. However, it was the fact that people did not focus on the moral question itself (except in heated and defensive mindsets) that allowed slavery to persist. Then, in the brief moments when one is required to think about such an evil, the defensive mindset is employed in an attempt to expel the intruder from one’s illusion of innocence. This appears to have been slavery’s primary method of persistence: not active mental resistance, but Diversion.

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