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A Sort-Of Failed Trip, New Information

I have a couple things to share for this post, including some information for the groups who are dealing with recovery efforts, and a little tidbit for the burial practices group. I’ll start with my journey to the County Clerk’s today.

I walked down this afternoon, hoping to find some records regarding freed slaves. But when I got down to the records room, I was quickly on my way out. I asked the woman at the desk if there were any records regarding freed slaves at all. “No ma’am.” Anything? Maybe something about if they bought their own freedom? “No ma’am. We only have records of taxes paid on slaves.” After a few more questions that were answered with a simple “no ma’am”, I was on my way out, told only to try the Texas State library.

Even though this trip didn’t provide what I was looking for, I found some more information, and interesting things, later. I decided to check in on Old Georgetown cemetery, since I was so close, and found Georgetown Parks and Recreation workers clearing brush on the slave side, which was good to see. Just from what I saw driving by, it was clear that the slave side was much cleaner than I remembered. There are people out there, sponsored by the City, even, taking care.

My dad also got me information regarding the Houston historic black cemetery that is undergoing the recovery process. Though I know it’s not really central Texas, there was some interesting information. A picture of the historical marker was included, and this was possibly the nicest one I’ve seen. Installed in 2006, it focuses more on the African-American community rather than the “pioneers” we’ve seen before, even listing pivotal community members. It also talks about the markers seen there, explaining their significance in the burial practices.

The website includes information regarding the restoration of the cemetery, from fencing to emergency grave recovery. They’re hoping to raise $7000 to be able to identify unmarked graves and those that are being damaged by erosion to properly save them. I also have the packet about the cemetery and a map and list of the interred, if anyone is interested.

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  1. February 21, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Oh no! The website is apparently being restored or something? Nonetheless, awesome information! I’d be really excited to learn more if you hear anything. And as for the workers cleaning up at Old Georgetown Cemetery…were they actually doing reconstructive work (cutting shrubs, re-soiling, etc.) or were they just sort of touching up the area? Just curious.

    • February 21, 2011 at 8:58 pm

      Ah! That’s depressing. I still have the packet about the cemetery, so I’ll bring that tomorrow. The workers were actually clearing brush. They had a truck full of trimmed limbs and other plant life. You could actually see the headstones from the road.

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