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In my theatre history class, we’ve been talking about the research process in great detail, and I was reminded earlier today of something that was said in our most recent salon. I believe it was Professor Stockton who stated, “It is important to become critical of the research process.” We can find tons of information, but that is not enough. We have to put the pieces together to construct our own arguments. My immediate thought was that it sounded manipulative. If anyone can find sources and then take what they from each to compile one that fits his or her point of view and then that piece can be published…it becomes very difficult for us to even determine which sources are most accurate and which sources are variations of other groups of sources. All the more reason to be critical of the information we find and careful about the way we interpret the information we choose to use.

Another question proposed in this past salon was, “What do we expect from our memorials and how should they be present in a community,” to which someone said that our video projects are a type of memorial in and of themselves. I am all for the idea of showing them to a group of people at the end of the semester. However, I think we need to be careful not to only extend invitations to those we meet who are already aware of the problems with cemeteries in Central Texas. I am trying to think of people we should invite who are potentially unaware of these issues or who can potentially help us. I’m thinking maybe some students at local Georgetown schools might be interested in learning more. Maybe they would even want to continue with some efforts after our semester ends. I don’t know! Any other ideas?

That lead me to consider another question that may have been brought up in the salon. I had mentioned love as a methodology or means of combating oppression. It sounds cheesy at first, but I think it’s real. If humans are capable of loving themselves, they are capable of loving others. But how do we “spread the love” without singing Kumbaya around a campfire? Again…all I can think of is by using education and awareness as an outlet. The question, then, is how best to encourage uninterested people to even allow us to attempt to encourage them to pay attention in the first place?

My next step in our research process was to e-mail China Galland and ask if she would be interesting in helping us with our projects at all and, if so, how best to contact her and what times work best. I will let everyone know what her response is when she gets back to me.


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  1. February 22, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    I love your idea of inviting students from the surrounding Georgetown schools to see our videos at the end of the semester! I think that kind of direct connection to the community youth would really bring our projects together in a new and wonderful way

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