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Feeble Attempts to Recover the Legacy of Slavery While Ill

Been sick for more than a month now, ended up missing class on Thursday. Got caught up on the discussion but not too sure if a topic was given for this blog. Sorry if there was because here comes something totally different. A few weeks back one of the Professors mentioned it was really important to keep this personal to who we are, otherwise where’s the passion? I sort of let that statement pass, I was just too cynical to really think that my passion could cause any real change. But in the typical fashion that is my life, just the opposite happened.

My parents ended up taking me home after worrying my mother with my sickly phone calls griping about fevers and sinus infections, so not much research was done there (again sorry!). But what really got me was what happened on the way back. My sister just graduated from CSUN (California State Univ. @ Northridge) with a degree in Sociology and Chicano Studies, she decided to drive me back up to SU. She hardly knows Texas and its culture but was interested in what I had mentioned to her about our class. She couldn’t believe the facts I had for her from class and how very Southern Texas is. She like many of us from class didn’t feel Texas was really the south, but after discussing the fact that yes there were slaves and yes there were plantations we couldn’t really tell what was so different from Texas and the “Deep South”. Both had slavery and witnessed monstrous atrocities to the enslaved people. Isn’t it worrisome that we create degrees of slavery? That we provide Texas a pardon from being a “real slave state” because it wasn’t institutionalized as much? I mean really what’s the difference? The inequality was still institutionalized and the racism and segregation was set for decades.

Point is this sort of enlightening of the African American history in Texas was really a great moment, sort of an accomplishment teaching at least one person some of the forgotten history. I really hope we can do this for the community soon….


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