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I have been researching the differences between the various areas in Texas in regards to the treatment of slaves, as well as their individual communal practices. What amazes me so much is the amount of variance there is between places like Austin and coastal towns only a couple of a hundred miles away. It doesn’t seem like there should be much of a disparity, but there really is. Even in a place like Georgetown versus Austin, we can see a major change in the treatment of slaves, as well as how they were viewed by their owners. In the smaller, agrarian areas the slaves were often forced to work outside, while in the more urban areas they often labored in the house, or had other domestic duties. From what I can tell, those who worked outside not only had a more difficult job, the treatment they received was much harsher and less forgiving. While, on the other hand, those who worked in the house seemed subject to much less difficult conditions when compared with those who worked outside.

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