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Blog 9

Good evening!

I just read Sam’s post about tips for filming and was touched by the idea of filming from a distance. In my imagination, our video had interview after video of close up faces, every expression noted, tears, smiles, and so on and so forth. But I didn’t realize until five minutes ago that exploiting these stories for entertainment is simply unacceptable. And in class, Dr. Stockton told a group that it could potentially work to have even just one interview segmented throughout the final video. This statement made me feel much more free because it took a lot of the weight off of production quality. I would much rather show a heartfelt video that sends a real message than one with special effects and good music that just gives a brief overview of an important subject. After all, we are ultimately trying to teach, right? And while entertainment is certainly a good method of maintaining attention, it is not necessarily the most important part of this process.

In the salon today, an interesting question came up that I have been contemplating since the beginning of this project. Should we be focusing on more historical data or trying to, instead, push boundaries further and explore newer territories. I am in the group about ongoing recovery efforts, and I have been very excited about the prospect of working on a site in need of repair, but I am slowly finding out that it is very difficult to obtain information on these ongoing projects because there is a lot of data people are trying to keep private, and organizations doing this work do not always have established websites, numbers to call, etc. I am hoping, however, that my interview with the AME church leads me to another route! At this point, I am doing about 50 percent historical research and 50 percent modern day efforts. Maybe I will use one and maybe I will use both. I’m learning every time I go to the library or a site that I never end up with what I expected to, but it always works out in one way or another. Thus, I have decided to stop stressing over the details of my plans as much. I am trying to let this take me wherever it needs to go.

And random question: Does anyone know if we would be allowed to include some of the audio clips from the Texas Slave Narrative installation at the state capital, or would we be breaking some sort of copyright law?

Looking forward to filming at a few cemeteries tomorrow. I am going with Caitlin at 2:45 if anyone else would like to come. Happy filming : )




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  1. March 18, 2011 at 10:38 am

    I definitely agree with you, Lauren — we should aim our videos at being educational and informative rather than entertaining. I think an “entertaining” video over this material would be kind of gruesome, actually.

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