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connections, anyone?

Earlier today I was having trouble identifying resonances between Incidents and Kindred; all I could think of was the unapologetic dedication to gruesome treatment and horrid social dynamics of slavery that seemed similar in the two texts, at least to me it did.  Then, as I started thinking about it more I thought back to the discussion where we touched on the fact that Dana is a first person character that is intentionally not an actual slave and therefore her character does not attempt to represent/speak for enslaved people.  These thoughts led me to think about Jacobs’ views of African American women in slavery being described as the weakest link on the lowest part of the chain.  In her experience, black women were subject to rape, sexual assault, verbal and physical abuse, losing their children (that were usually fathered by their masters) to either someone buying them, running away, or death.  For Jacobs, this seemed to cause her constant moral dilemma in addition to her enduring the hardships that were a given in slavery.  In Kindred, Dana is picked up from her native 1976 and placed in the middle of the antebellum south to face/experience these hardships that come custom made for Jacobs black female, enslaved or not, in a time where slavery is basically the society.  She experiences the pressure from Rufus to convince Alice to give herself to Rufus, witnesses Tess’ absolutely pitiful and unfortunate experiences on the Weylin plantation, and she also endures some physical and verbal abuse herself.  The most significant connection within this notion is that even though there were those on the plantation that knew she belonged to a different time where there was not slavery, it did not matter or help to keep her from being treated how she would if she belonged in the system anyway; she runs away from the plantation at one point and Tom and Rufus track her down ferociously as if she is really their property.  The black female’s role in this type of society seem somewhat consistent yet contradictory at some places between these two texts.  I know there are more resonances between these two texts but for some reason I’m having a hard time identifying and articulating some.

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