Although I brought Kindred home for the break, it went AWOL sometime within the first weekend, thus sending me on a search at my local bookstore. Since I knew the title, author, and what the cover looked like, I figured I would have an easy time finding it. I searched the Fiction section over and over before asking an employee. When he sent me to the Science Fiction section, I’ll admit I groaned. While I love Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Firefly/Serenity), I just never thought that a story about slave experience could work in that genre. But Kindred sort of did. At first I wasn’t too keen on the book. But it grew on me as we saw more and more of the Weylin plantation and less of the “modern” world.

We also began to talk about racial and cultural issues in literature. When my second grade teacher began reading us Harry Potter, I didn’t really get some of the connections between that wonderful world and society. But as I got older and kept reading the novels (and as they got darker), it became clear that it truly was a “racial” war between the purebloods, mudbloods (the equivalent of the N word) and muggles. It was almost Nazi-esque, with some of the propaganda posters in the latest movie being altered Nazi posters. Even Twilight managed to slip underlying messages into the pre-teen girl’s brain about abstinence and even Mormonism. It really is amazing what slips by when we aren’t looking for it.

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