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A Quick Post

I just wanted to write a quick post in order to discuss an interesting point I came across during the last minutes of class. I enjoyed the book as a work of literature (I recommended it to my mother), but there is something nagging at me. Its like that one puzzle that you save for a sour mood on really long day when all you want to do is cause yourself harm: Its mostly all sky and clouds with maybe two flowers in the corner. And 50% of the pieces look identical, and you really really want this one piece in that spot. But. It. Just. Wont. Fit. I want all Butler’s stories and techniques and ideas to fit… but one of them just keeps popping out. I think it was Susi who was talking about Dana’s insisting on being called black, colored, or anything BUT n****r… but that she didn’t mind the others not only being verbally recognized as  slave, but also physically treated (rape, abuse…). I mean, think about all the times she said that she was being cushioned by her 1967 life. It wasn’t until Rufus slapped her, did the treaty break. And it wasn’t until Rufus tried to rape her that she was able to kill him. The fact that it was okay with Dana that only she received preferential treatment, and the idea that Rufus only gave Dana that treatment, greatly bothered me and seemed to reinstate the idea between “them” and “us”. Only in this case, black peoples were not “them”, slaves were and the “us” were the ‘lucky’ few who managed to escape that identity.
I have to say, pretty much everything disturbed me in this book. I felt like Bulter had us doing the dirty work for her. In other words, I was so exhausted after reading this book because it was up to me to unload and untangle the emotional baggage that went along with Dana’s journey. All in all… mixed reviews.

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