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Research and Octavia Butler

Today in class we were discussing how Butler’s novel intersected and influenced our own research, and I wasn’t sure at that moment that it even did. But after thinking about it today I decided that the overlap is in the idea of relevancy, just as Butler uses the novel as a way to make the trauma and impact of slavery relevant to modern society, we too struggle to find a way to incorporate our scholarly work in a way that is accessible to the general public, we are both trying to figure out how to get people to care. While our specific motives may stem from different places, Butler’s from a more¬†ancestral and emotionally invested place, and ours from a place of correcting some of the overlooked societal neglect of this very sensitive but important part of our nation’s history, the end goal is generally the same. We are all trying to foster some acknowledgement and ,if we are extremely lucky, provoke an inkling of reconciliation of the social tensions that this historical event still invokes in our society today.

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