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Facets and discoveries.

The title of Butler’s novel really intrigues me, because it is so multifaceted. An idea that really intrigued me was that the word “Kindred” was used in the novel only when Dana was talking to and referring to Kevin, and that it was being used to suggest a kindred spirit. It made me consider the nature of how people, regardless of race and color, can become families simply by having ‘kindred’ spirits. How the ‘kindred’ spirit in all of us is our humanity, and no matter our individual pasts, presents, race, or color, we are all kindred because of the fact that we are people. I feel like this fundamental understanding is very powerful, while being very remnicient of a kum-bay-yah circle discussion.

Did anyone else have similar self revelations through the readings in class? I feel like these discoveries have been fundamental in really compelling me to do this work.

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  1. April 4, 2011 at 8:06 am

    I think that is a very interesting and optimistic notion to pull from this text — and certainly one which I cannot really disagree with but simply one that I myself did not pull from the text. But, then again, I witnessed a great demonization of people who are different within the story — from the way Dana’s relationship with Kevin becomes twisted to the fact that she somehow couldn’t have saved or spared Alice any of her torment and yet *could* tinker with history enough to murder Rufus as soon as she no longer needed him — I sort of felt the title take on a more sinister turn. But, I must say, I like your interpretation much better.

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