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Final Thoughts On Kindred

After reading the Steinberg article, I had some final thoughts about the novel that I hadn’t realized before. I think that the article made me think about what Butler was trying to say in her novel, which is something I usually don’t like doing. I really enjoy analyzing novels, but at some point I think you have to take a step back and just appreciate the work. With Kindred, I think that I appreciated the work first and now I can analyze it better because I have come to appreciate the aesthetics of the book. First of all, I think that the book would have been completely different if Dana would have been married to a black man instead of a white one. I’m wrestling with ideas about why Butler wrote Kevin as a white character rather than black. I think it might help readers separate the settings in the novel. In the past, Kevin and Dana have a master/slave relationship while in the future they are a married couple and this helps readers distinguish the time change. It also proves to be a reminder to Dana and readers that times have changed and possibly to provide Dana hope during her time in the past. After reading Steinberg, I wanted to re-examine my feelings about Kevin. At first I really didn’t like him at all, and in the article I agreed that at times he seemed oppressive. But after reading the article, I found myself almost siding with Kevin. I don’t think that Kevin was supposed to be the modern-day Rufus, I thought he was there to serve as a reminder that not all white men were like Rufus. Butler does a good job of portraying both sides of slavery and I think she does a good job of portraying the different sides of Kevin.

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