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Kindred(As Post-Modernism)

In the article we read for class today, the author mentioned that “Kindred” had many qualities that are present in post-modernist works, and I have to agree with him.

The other English class I’m taking right now is British Post-Modernism and Movies and, because of that, I try to analyze works from a post modern perspective. Oddly enough, Butler’s “Kindred” has many post-modern themes and aspects. Among them are the focus upon a kind of skewed realism that, while telling the story, gives you something more to think about while analyzing the perspective of the work. Additionally, the character development follows a much more realistic growth pattern than one would generally expect from a book in the science fiction or fantasy genres; once again, this is a nod to post-modernism. Among it’s main focus is the need for characters that are flawed and follow realistic character arcs, as opposed to fantasy or science fiction, wherein there is much less focus upon the characters, and their internal emotions, than there is on the plot or it’s devices. Thus I definitely have to agree with the article we read in class today that “Kindred” has many aspects of a post-modernist work.

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  1. markcotham
    March 29, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    I like comparing Kindred to what we’ve been learning in British Postmodernism! I just posted on how Margaret and Mrs. Poulteney from The French Lieutenant’s Woman are basically the same person. I wonder if other characters can be analogous? Will Charles overcome his social conditioning, or remain trapped in the role society’s given him like Rufus?

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