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Final Video Reflection

Now that the video is over I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! I honestly had no idea what making a video would consist of but I learned that it’s a really long process, even for such a short video. I had never had to make this type of video so I was really nervous at first about if I would be able to contribute enough to my group. But I think the best part of this project was that it was a group project so even though we all usually dread working in groups, this time it was really beneficial. I think that for our group, we struggled some with the idea of making a video and how to go about putting it together. In the end, it turned out to be a lot like creating a paper outline without having to sit down and write. I totally understand why we did the videos, especially after watching everyone elses. There’s no way that we could have conveyed the ideas and conclusions we drew in a paper. The videos were able to bring everything that we saw and heard to life in a way that was more engaging and could be shared broadly. If I had to do the video myself, it wouldn’t have ended well at all; making it a collective effort made the entire project much less stressful for everyone in group.

For my part of our video, I visited the Georgetown cemetery again. It was like a whole new place when I visited this time. The sun was out which made it seem way more welcoming than the cold, dreary morning that we went on. I took the footage and then walked to the back which is right on the river. There were families swimming and tanning right behind the cemetery which was really strange to me. They probably had no idea the cemetery was even there. I then realized that it was a little strange for a cemetery to be located right next to a river, especially a river that is prone to flooding. I’m curious to know if there has ever been any damage to the cemetery due to flooding and why the cemetery was located here to begin with.

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