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Blog 14

Hello, friends! I have been researching Caroline Levander for a few days now (reading her course syllabi, other articled, etc.) and I am SO excited to meet her. I just might even ask her to sign her essay for me. Just kidding about that last part though…Anyway…

One thing I found especially insightful was on page 73 of “Sutton Griggs and the Borderlands of Empire” was the fact that, as Griggs stated, “the question of a citizen’s unilateral, unequivocal national affiliation becomes hard to tell. Then, Levander goes on to discuss patriotism and treason. I guess it just makes me wonder what exactly is more meaningful; being a “technical citizen” without patriotism or being an “ illegal immigrant” but with undying patriotism. But that is still not my question for Ms. Levander. That’s just a side thought.

On pages 234 and 235 of Imperium in Imperio, you include the quote “For our civil rights we are struggling and we must secure them. But if they had all come to us when they first belonged to us, we must 
frankly admit that we would have been unprepared for them.” I was wondering if you could elaborate on this quote? Does this unpreparedness refer to a lack of experience, a lack of education, a lack of community, or something entirely different? We always hear about the slaves who were fighting for civil rights, but we very rarely hear of the people who feared them. Was a fear of rights at all popular among slaves, and, if so, why exactly?

I can’t wait!!! See you all Tuesday.


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