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Imperium and Imperio Question

Dr. Levander’s paper definitely shed light on Grigg’s novel for me. While reading Imperium I was especially curious about the text Viola read about mulattos and the dilution of the black race. Leander touches a little on the subject on page 62 saying both Bernard and Belton, “suffered the ills of amalgamation- one’s fiance has killed herself rather than bear offspring that would further dilute the race, and the other’s wife has birthed a baby that appears to be white.” I wonder if Griggs actually believed the theories about diluting the race. The belief kills Viola and eventually we see the mulatto, Bernard’s, plans betrayed by a member of Imperium. So this leads me to my question: What was the attitude towards mulattos during this time in Texas and how did those opinions color Grigg’s text?

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  1. April 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    I agree that this aspect of the book was particularly interesting — especially in chapter 19 when we discover that Belton’s white child is actually his child despite its whiteness; I’m still uncertain as to how exactly that turn of events should be interpreted

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