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Imperium in Imperio Question

It is quite interesting to think of Texas as a region apart from the United States in many aspects, with many local cultures and a unique racial interplay. Texas as a state within the United States has always had a sense of individualism that cannot truly be found in many other states. However, this individualism, it seems to me, has frequently stemmed not from the unique racial interplay of Texas, but from white Texans taking pride in being their own republic at one point in time. So my question for Dr. Levander is: How does the “individualism” of white Texans interplay with the overall notion of Texas as an individual entity, with all the races and racial interplay taken into account?

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  1. trilderos
    April 12, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I’ve always kind of wondered about the proud, for lack of another word, “Texan-ism.” I wonder if this will be brought up in the discussion.

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