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I really enjoyed the portion of Levander’s article that discussed the power of the “printed word” (Levander 69). I particularly liked reading about the history of Waco and the different publications that were around during that time. I found the background information on Brann and Parson’s publications to be very interesting. Brann is very extreme in his anti-negro beliefs and has a decent following. However, he gets “gunned down” for taking certain comments way too far. On the other hand, a confederate veteran, Albert Parsons was an advocate for equal rights for black men; but sentiment was not as widely shared, therefore he got run out of town. I understand Grigg’s book and its themes, and through our readings and research I am gaining a better understanding of life during the 19th century. My question for Dr. Levander is, what kind of reaction did Grigg’s book get when it was first introduced? Was it extreme or mild? Did it start a new movement or spark different thought/ philosophies for blacks or whites during that time?

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