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What is Black Nationalism and Racial Pride to us now?

Griggs has been successful in carrying out what Carline Levander concludes that Imperium in Imperio causes us to “rethink what we think we know about the past, place, and prose” (Levander 80) in my recent experience with the text.  Throughout my reading Griggs’ novel I was constantly finding myself asking questions such as, “what if Black Nationalism carried out such a plan of emigration?”, “what exactly is the black individual’s ‘place’ within post-slavery America, and why is it important to determine this ‘place’?”, and ultimately “what do we picture when we think of the outcome of amalgamation? emigration?  where do would we be (and this is not just geographically speaking) in these hypothetical outcomes of these situations? how does where we are now compare to that?”  It has caused me to question the different definitions of patriotism through the different lenses of race and society as a whole.  In addition, Griggs’ presentation of the blurriness between patriotism and treason has made itself present in my thinking for the first time.  Also, these readings inspired a question: are there only two options to choose? Are there only amalgamation and emigration?  Obviously that is what Griggs is presenting to us.  I don’t think I have an answer for this or if I’m really looking for one as much as I partially WANT there to be other options.  I don’t know why; it just seems so cut and dry Griggs’ way.


I’m hoping that Miss Levander can talk more about the resemblance between “Plan de San Diego” and Griggs’ text when we meet, mainly because my own lack of background knowledge on this gave me a hard time following along.

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