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Levander and Political Science

As a Political Science major I was mildly concerned that there would be many aspects of Levander’s presentation that I would not fully understand, simply because I do not possess the collegiate English background. While I’m sure there were certain aspects of Levander’s research that I cannot fully appreciate, she definitely appealed to me in a different sense, there was a strong connection between the research that she was doing in transnational literature and political science. One of the first classes I took at SU was entitled Nations and Nationalism, and one of our biggest debates in that course was over the distinctions between nations, states, and nationalism and where the boundaries for each are created. Dr. Levander spoke at one point about making sure not to confuse race with hemisphere, and while I am sure that has farther reaching English implications that I can understand, it was a unique experience for me to really find something in her work that I felt I could connect with; even if my connection was not the connection that she intended the audience to have.

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