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What Really Happened at the Alamo?

I Googled this question and came up with over 1.5 million results. I ended up watching a few humorous Youtube videos, such as the group of kids who re-enacted the battle using Halo and a guy who made fun of  Davie Crockett’s ignorance. While these were all entertaining, I didn’t think they qualified for crazy stories about the Alamo. As I was looking through some of the websites, I realized that everyone seems to think they are experts on what happened. When I asked what really happened, I realized that apparently over 1.5 million people think they know exactly what happened, even though all of the information is different. This particular website I found was probably one of the most detailed descriptions. It even goes so far as to quote what women said to the American rebels, which is something we probably can’t know for sure. There are just so many details added into this author’s page that it seems more like a historical fiction story rather than just presenting the facts. He refers to the Texas rebels as “American farmers” as though they were just simple men who suddenly had to uprise in order to keep their jobs. At the bottom of the site, he even refers to the leaders as “The Protagonists” which clearly shows how biased the author was. Overall the author, Rio Di Stefano, takes a very romanticized view of the battle and just adds way too much detail to make this information true.


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  1. 4lillie5
    April 25, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    It is strange that so many people feel as if they are experts on the subject! I’d like to ask these people where they got their info to see if there’s a source-unfortunately I think a lot of what we learn about the Alamo is in grade school and is likely not so accurate. Disappointing, but not a huge shock from texas education, especially considering that there have been recent omissions and biases in textbooks accepted and even encouraged by our legislature.

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