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Class Discussion

So after class today, I thought about our discussion on glorifying Texas history and how it effects our education at school. At first glance, I sort of brushed this issue aside, this is because I thought that the Texas history we learned about, no matter how false/stretched it is, is the identity that Texans embrace. However, the more I thought about this idea of embracing something that we know is false, I strayed further and further from this apathy and began to care a little more. It is not right for people to believe in something just because it is the way they want to perceive it that way. One must believe in things because they  have reasons to believe that they are true. Then I started to think about the influence that this teaching has had on me, and continues to have on all Texas Students. Students continue to learn about Texas history from a white man’s glorified Texas perspective. The problem with this is that this perspective is far from being truthful. If we continue along this educational path, we will only work towards spreading ignorance and twisting history according to our own perverse desires. But why would people invest time into this when they have more important things to consider? Well, my response to that is that anyone who values education and knowledge should look to provide the best opportunities for our children (and ourselves) to learn what really happened in historic venues such as The Alamo, or Colonel Mustard’s Last Stand or even things that we like to sweep under the rug, like our cruelty towards Native Americans. The knowledge they gain from these truer accounts may not always be heroic, but at least it is accurate and really happened. Either way, students will have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes of others through history, rather than learning about something just because it is  a good story.

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