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The Modern Military’s Take on the Alamo


Here’s an interesting website, trying to rally people around the military by giving people examples of historic “Texas military heroism.” Their mission statement is quite telling:

“Tell the story of the Texas Military Forces from 1823 through the present and into the future, support the mission of the Texas Military Forces, honor our veterans, educate our fellow citizens, inspire esprit d’ corps among the men and women of the Texas Military Forces, and inspire our youth to serve.”

The military of the United States has always seemed especially susceptible to myths about our history. The people in charge of recruitment, it appears, believe that it has to be this way in order to get recruits. The idea is that if our nation’s military history isn’t pristine and glorious, then no one will want to fight for the military in the present day. I think that is false, and as long as that notion pervades, we will still fight for the same misguided notions our fore-fathers fought for. If our military, and our state for that matter, were to fully accept its flawed history, it could then start afresh and work toward things that really matter. Things that people want to, need to, and should fight for.

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