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My Poetic Preferences

After reading the Dickinson poetry and taking it into consideration with the poetry that we read for class last week, I am forced to conclude that she is simply boring. I will admit, it does have a certain beauty to it, and it ebbs and flows very nicely, but it just lacks a certain oomph. Without it, I simply don’t care. This might simply be my own aversion to poetry as a whole, but I don’t think this is the case because I so enjoyed all four poems that were assigned last week. They had a power to them that made me want to listen, even if I didn’t agree with what he was saying, those authors got my heart pumping simply because of the passion they had for their material. I think this might have something to do with the fact that Dickinson is very pretty on paper, but Baraka punches you right in the stomach when you read it aloud. It has a certain character to it that simply wouldn’t exist in what most would consider “classical poetry.” While Dickinson is a joy to read simply for her mastery of the English language and the way she can put all of these words together into art, Baraka has a power over his readers. This power is something he aims for, because of his contempt for poetry that does not stir action. In the end, I think that he achieves his goal, whether for good or for ill, remains to be seen. 

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